About WISE

The WISE Plan is specifically targeted to advance Louisiana to national competitiveness. This plan seeks to strategically align new investments in higher education with the workforce needs of the exciting and emerging growth sectors in our economy. The WISE Plan also seeks a stronger partnership with Louisiana’s business and industry leaders through an industry matching program that will spur private investment in public universities and colleges statewide.

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We seek your support of at least $40 million in new investments in a Workforce and Innovation for a Stronger Economy (WISE) Fund, replacing the one-time operations and deferred maintenance support appropriated in the 2013 Regular Session. We realize that this is much to ask considering the recent revenue projection, but believe this investment will ultimately raise economic activity in the long-term. The WISE Plan would:

  • Maintain current level of state support for all public institutions of higher education
  • Ensure tuition revenues are retained at each institution for reinvestment in academic and student support
  • Establish a performance based investment fund to meet the state’s goals in high need, high growth and high demand job areas
  • Provide a base level adequacy of funding formula implementation and foundational support so all institutions can participate
  • Support research innovation and creativity that advances the economic and societal well- being of all Louisianans
  • Spur private investment in the state’s public universities and colleges